Router IP How To Login

IP address is commonly used for the home network connection. It belongs to the list of the most popular IPs assigned to a router by manufacturers. Among other typical IP addresses we should mention and, for example. Those addresses are also known as host addresses.

List of Options of

The login procedure is very simple – you need to enter 192.168.l.l as URL of your browser. As soon as you get administrator access, you’ll be able to configure various useful options:

  • reset the password;
  • service quality control;
  • DNS servers;
  • security configurations;
  • WI-FI options;
  • WPS;
  • LAN/WAN;
  • Proxy server;
  • managing of your network;
  • PPPOE;
  • automatic DHCP IP assignment.

How to Get Access to Administrator Panel for IP

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Use as URL address for your browser.
  2. Indicate your username and password for entering the admin panel.
  3. If you forgot your credentials, turn to the following guide. There are several effective solutions to get admin access to your router.

Forgot Your Login and Password: What to Do?

  1. If you never dealt with logins and passwords, and your system settings remain by default, then you can find the entrance data on a sticker of your router (or on its backside).
  2. In case, if the password has been reset but you can’t recall it, you can reset the router to bring it back to the factory settings. To do this, find the small round button on your device. To return the default configurations, push the button with a toothpick, ang hold it on for 10 seconds.
  3. If your login and password is set by default, you can find the required entrance data in the certain list.

The List of Router Manufacturers

Chose your router brand from the list below to display all the defaulted usernames and passwords of your router.