How to Login the Router with IP

If you’re trying to access the admin panel of your router with an IP, take into consideration that the address you’re entering is incorrect. You should type As a rule, you’re using for a wireless router or another network device. Alternative host devices that belong to the same network area use more high numbers of the same rage.

Most devices connected to the network, consider this IP as completely trusted. After logging in at the router’s administration panel you provide access for operating with all the features supported by the router. You can set up such useful features as WAN, LAN, IP, DNS, ADSL, MAC, IP, Proxy, and others. Beside this, you can take an advantage of such options as speed or rate control, and so on. Access to the management system is available from any place with Internet connection.

How to Login the Admin Panel for IP

For controlling, monitoring and configuring your WI-FI router, you have to enter the valid IP into the field of URL address of your browser. For getting administrator access, the system demands the username and password.

What to do if you forgot the data for accessing the administrator panel?

If you fail to enter the system, try to reset the router or modem to the settings by default. If this didn’t help to solve the issue, you can try to reset the router. The latest models of modems and routers have a little round reset button. You need to make a continuous 10-15 second pressing with a toothpick. After this step the modem will return to the defaulted configurations and you’ll be able to login the admin panel by entering the username and password, indicated somewhere on the device.

Pay attention! During the process of resetting, the connection may be lost. It’s normal. If you have any doubts, turn to the manual instruction.

The List of Router Manufacturers

Chose your router brand from the list below to display all the defaulted usernames and passwords of your router.