Router With IP Login Procedure is the IP address used for some models of routers by default. It allows you to manage the system through administrator panel. is quite common for SMS and Belkin devices. Most WI-FI routers get default IP address during manufacturing and selling. This IP is the key for connection the device with your network.

Nevertheless, all the parameters set by default, can be easily changed according to your PC or network. How to Access Admin Panel (Username and Password)

If is the factory’s IP, you can login and manage your device via administrator panel. For that, use as URL address of your web browser.

Notice! Don’t enter http://www. because it’s wrong. It’s quite typical mistake.

As soon as you manage to find the connection, you’ll see the login interface where you need to fill in your credentials (username and password). You’ll get access to admin panel if the credentials are correct.

If the connection is lost in offline mode, you’ll get the system error message that the web page is not available. This can also happen in case of address conflicts (IP of your PC is not the one you try to connect).

Some providers sell special equipment that allows you to login without entering numerical address in web-browser but with website address. Restriction

As is a local IP address, the access is available only within the local network Internet area. Connection is possible for those devices supporting access via external or public IP.

When it’s necessary to use more than one router within local network at once, different private IP addresses are required. The information concerning the IP of your network equipment, you have to search for defaulted gateway of currently connected device.

How to Change the IP

Routers allow you to set up personal configurations such as IP, username, password, functions, etc. For this, you need to login into administrator panel. In Admin Panel you can find all the options that can be set. Among them there is an option for changing the IP address. Besides, you should pay attention to such useful features as network and server security. How to Connect?

To get access to Administrator bar, use as URL for your browser. Fill it in manually or copy and paste from here. If you cannot recall your credentials, try to reset the router. For it, press the small round button with a toothpick and hold it for 10-15 seconds. Now you can login using initial settings. They are indicated somewhere on your device or its sticker.

The List of Router Manufacturers

Chose your router brand from the list below to display all the defaulted usernames and passwords of your router.