How to Find IP Address of WI-FI Router

To set up a WI-FI router you need to login the system. You can do it only if you know the IP address of your device. All models of routers have an option of web access via IP. Speaking about IP for home networks, their initial numbers are 192.168. (for example, or
We’ll provide you with the setup guide of how to configure your router for the most widely used operation systems.

Windows OS

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Run a command line: Start – Search Box – command.
  2. Enter ipconfig to locate the gateway.

The result will be the following:

If you are using WI-FI for your PC, you need to select Wireless Network instead of Local Network. For Windows 8, WI-FI connection is named Wireless LAN WI-FI adapter, and cable connection is called Ethernet Adapter.

Mac OS

In a terminal interface: Finder – Application – Utilities – Enter the following: netstat -nr | grep default
Find IP Address Router MAC
You can also find the ID using the regular menu:

  1. Find the Apple menu at the top part of the screen. Click on it.
  2. Choose System Preferences.
  3. Click on Network icon.
  4. Indicate a certain type of connection.
  5. Press on Advanced option.
  6. Click on the tab TCP/IP and the address of your device will appear on the right side of the router.

Find IP Address Router MAC

Linux OS

From the terminal window, go to Applications – System Tools – Terminal. Enter the following: ip route | grep default or ifconfig

Also, you can find your router’s ID from the regular menu. Click on the network icon which is in the area of notifications. Choose Connection Info. IP address will be shown near default route or gateway.

iOS (iPhone Apple)

Go to Settings – WI-FI. Choose the name of the connected wireless network. Press “i” from the left side of your Wifi network name and check “Router” section. This is IP address of your router.

Android OS

The best solution is to download a third-party application for the purpose on the PlayMarket (WI-FI Analyzer). Install it on your smartphone or tablet, open View section – AP list.

On the top part of the screen, you’ll see the heading: “Connected to” with the specified network name. Press on it so the system shows you more details concerning your network.

Chrome OS

Open the taskbar, and press on the Notifications. You will see the list from which you have to select “Connected to” (Network name). Click on it. Then click on the name of required wireless network. In the appeared information field, press on Network tab. Now you can see your IP.